$29.99Where The Mountains Throw Their Dice: An Insight Into The Kiwi Climbing Psyche

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Gripping, funny, poignant, and above all optimistic, Where the Mountains Throw Their Dice is an inspiration to all of us to grab life with both hands and make every sublime moment count.

Climbing divides public opinion. To non-climbers, influenced by news reports of fatalities and costly mountain rescues, it may seem a selfish and crazy game in which victims have only themselves to blame. To Dunedin writer and alpine climber Paul Hersey it's nothing less than a reason for living; even if – or perhaps even because – at the most life-affirming moments he may be just one step from 'a tumble into the abyss'. In this fascinating book, which includes white-knuckle accounts of his own climbs in the South Island and the Italian Alps, Paul chats with some of New Zealand's most experienced climbers to find out why they are drawn to the mountains, and why, even after losing close friends, they keep returning to a world of Zen-like focus, intensity, discipline, random danger and monumental beauty. And ultimately, he comes closer to understanding what drives his own passion for this controversial pursuit.

230mm x 150mm
What drives climbers to risk life and limb
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