Many of these publications feature images shot by New Zealand-based photographer Derek Morrison. He shoots for a variety of adventure, outdoor and actionsports magazines throughout Australia, New Zealand and abroad.
Derek is available for commission work and his most recent photography can be seen at the following websites:

Merino Country - Stories from the home of New Zealand's hardiest sheep

From the towering peaks of the Inland Kaikoura Range to the glacial waters of Lake Wakatipu, this is a richly illustrated celebration of New Zealand's most spectacular high country. Ships Oct 31.

260mm x 240mm
Hard-cover coffee table book, 240 pages
RRP NZD $60.00 (Including GST)
Status: Available now

Dunedin Light Seasons

Dunedin Light Seasons is a photographic journey around the beaches of Dunedin, New Zealand, by photographer Derek Morrison. This is the perfect gift for anyone with a connection to this intriguing city and its surf-rich beaches.

260mm x 260mm
Hardcover coffee-table book
RRP NZD $49.99 (Including GST)
Status: Available now

NZ Surf: Captured By A Surf Lens

Captured By A Surf Lens is the superbly illustrated bio of one of the South Island’s most established and prolific surf photographers: Warren Hawke.

260mm x 350mm
Hardback, 260 pages
RRP NZD $79.95 (Including GST)
Status: Available now

Searching For Groundswell: A New Zealand Surfer's Road Trip

In Searching For Groundswell, Paul Hersey takes the ultimate surfing road trip, looking to connect with the best beach breaks, points and reefs along the 15,000 kilometres of coastline that surround New Zealand.

230mm x 170mm
New Zealand surfing book
RRP NZD $34.99 (Including GST)
Status: Available now

Our Mountains: Journeys to New Zealand's High Places

Just as they dominate our land, mountains loom large in our experience. Paul Hersey and Mark Watson explore the landscape and stories of many of the best-known peaks in New Zealand.

270mm x 210mm
159 page alpine photography book
RRP NZD $44.99 (Including GST)
Status: Sold Out

Where The Mountains Throw Their Dice: An Insight Into The Kiwi Climbing Psyche

Gripping, funny, poignant, and above all optimistic, Where the Mountains Throw Their Dice is an inspiration to all of us to grab life with both hands and make every sublime moment count.

230mm x 150mm
What drives climbers to risk life and limb
RRP NZD $29.99 (Including GST)
Status: Sold Out

High Misadventure: New Zealand Mountaineering Tragedies And Survival Stories

Meticulously researched, and written with an insider's eye for factual detail, High Misadventure is a gritty and harrowing book that reveals how vulnerable we can be in this most extreme of natural environments.

230mm x 150mm
New Zealand mountaineering book
RRP NZD $29.99 (Including GST)
Status: Available now